Current Offer Package

Normal Day rate for either studio is £1,000.00........ Offer price £3k + vat per week! Selected dates as low as £350.00!

This is fully inclusive of either Studio on lockout basis, including an experienced engineer + very competent assistant, with accommodation and food for up to seven people and is based on a session of 4 weeks duration, with the session split between both studios i.e. 14 days studio 1 + 14 days Studio 2.

Extra time can be booked in either Studio at pro-rata rate and shorter sessions can be accommodated on (almost) the same deal subject to availability. Why use a demo facility when you can have a fully Pro facility at these rates, produce a master and save a fortune!

Even further discount options may be available dependent upon the duration of the session, specific requirements and payment details, it is worth giving us a call to chat about the details if you think Chapel may be right for your project.

Chapel has a very experienced and qualified team of friendly engineers and staff, who work well together assisting artists' to record successful albums. All our engineers and assistants are fully converse with all aspects of the studio including our many classic items of vintage equipment such as the Neve 1073 / 1080 Mic amp / eq units and the vintage valve Telefunken V76 Mic amps, along with our large selection of classic vintage microphones (we are often complemented by top producers on our vintage equipment as one of the best collections in the country). We also have fantastically high spec ProTools systems which include Prism Converters, these along with the classic items have resulted in many very successful recordings for our clients and are all fully included within our discounted rates.

Over the last few months we have completed several bookings of this nature, and if interested you may wish to check out our Clients web sites for details of their experience or even recorded tracks. They are of differing musical styles and were all very pleased with the finished results, they are “Slaves to Gravity” / “The Talks” / “The Telegraphs”/ “Respond” / “12 Dirty Bullets” / “Serpico” and “The Listeners”.

Should you wish to book a session we would require a 50% advance payment on confirmation, (with the balance being paid via cleared funds at the end of the session / prior to the removal of any recordings). If I can be of any further help or if you would like to discuss your project please give me a call.


Andy Dransfield
Studio Manager
Chapel Recording Studios
South Thoresby, Lincs, LN13 0AS

Studio 1 & Office: +44 (0)1507 480305
Studio 2 : +44 (0)1507 480761
Mobile: +44 (0)7950 950283